La Maree

ресторан на проспекте Суворовский пр-кт.

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La Maree - контактная информация

Авторская и Средиземноморская кухня
Площадь Восстания, Санкт-Петербург, Суворовский пр-кт., д. 34
+7 (800) 234 3426 (заказ столика)
Последнее обновление: 01 сентября 2019
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Отзывы о ресторане «Ла Маре» (1)

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Ответить expert001 больше 8 лет
When we were ordering, we were told on 2 occasions by Head Waiter that La Mare was the BEST restaurant in the city. I wish that was true, and honestly overall it was quite the opposite. Food was good, but very overpriced. Service on the other hand was poor, Читать дальше they did not bring my side dishes (garnish), when asked about it, we were told they forgot and when we said we still wanted it 2 times, they still did not bring it. So it seems La Mare will decide for you what you are going to eat. After meal, we waited for 15 minutes with an empty table, no offer for coffee, tea, desert, ..... nothing, an akward void filled only by a toothpick holder sitting in the middle of a large table. Regarding the account, we paid 2350 Rub for 6 jumbo shrimp, and they were many other examples of overpriced items on the check. We settled the account, and the tip reflected the service (or largely lack of service). We regularly dine in St. Petersburg and can honestly say this would rank as one of the worst experiences not only here but in our world travels. Highly NOT recommended!
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